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Reduction Gear Box

A reduction gear box is used to reduce an input speed to a slower output speed. It is a wheel work consisting of a connected set of rotating gears by which power is transmitted or motion or torque is changed. We can manufacture and supply single stage, double stage or multistage gear boxes having Single and Multiple outputs as required.

Pinion Gear Box

The gear boxes (Reducers/Increasers) and Pinion Stands designing and manufacturing is also the frame of our technical and engineering expertise with modern features as per industrial standards and requirements. The gear boxes are highly efficient due to case-hardened steels of high strength bearings of ample dimensions, steel fabricated body for smooth running and low noise.

Mill Stands

We manufacture and supply complete mill stands for the rolling of Strip Wire rods/TMT/Light Section/Medium Section and Heavy Section steel, ferrous and non ferrous metals.

Bearing Choke

These Bearing Chokes are of rolling mill duty and blend in between window of rolling mills stand. These bearing chokes are suitable for antifriction roller bearings. The bearing chokes are of EN-8 fully machines accurately with bearing sizes. The bearing chokes are complete with side cover, sleeves/lumbering and chick nut.

Universal Couplings

Universal couplings are inserted at the journal of the rolls, to couple the mill stands. These are basically for the power transmission from one stand to another. Manufactured out of forged steel, they are highly applicable at mill stands with repeaters or high loads. They are designed and manufactured as per the load of the application.

Universal Spindles

Spindles are used as a device for power transmission and are placed between Couplings. Spindles are manufactured out of forged steel, basically EN-8 or EN-9 and are properly machined as per the design and requirement.

Charging Pusher

A Charging Pusher is an electro-mechanical or hydraulic device which is used for feeding or charging of raw material (like ingots, billets etc) into the reheating furnace. Various components which are used in the manufacture of a charging pusher are: heavy steel slab frame, pushing screw with pushing slab, multi stage type reduction gear box or a hydraulic power pack with alloy steel shafts in case of a hydraulic pusher.

Rotary Shearing Machine

Used in pairs between Roughing and Intermediate Finishing Stands to crop front and back ends in Strip TMT Bar/Wire Rod Mills.

Scrap Shearing Machine

These are generally heavy duty type machines, used for cutting re-rollable scrap plates, rails, beams, channels, rounds, angles, squares etc. in cold condition. These are usually used by scrap mills to prepare rolling stock in suitable shape and size for re-rolling. Very useful in induction melting furnace, the scrap processing yard is for cut pieces of pipe, angles, channels, sheets, flats, round etc.

Cold Shearing Machine

Cold Shearing Machine Cold shearing machines are used to cut the finished product into desired lengths. We manufacture crop shearing machines for all kinds of bars, rounds and structural products like Angel, I/H beam, Flat, U Channel etc

Billet Shearing Machine

These are heavy duty shears required for material preparation for either rolling or forging. The feedstock available in the form of billets or slabs is cut in cold condition, depending upon end application. M.S plate fabricated construction completely machined, bored with triple reduction, shafts, special steel blades, flywheel etc.

Pinch Roll

The basic function of pinch rolls is to push the material in a particular direction. It does not cause any kind of physical change in the material and is usually used to move the material over a distance. It is installed at various places in a rolling mill such as between the roughing mill and the intermediate mill, before and after the TMT Quenching Box to maintain the speed and tension of bars.

Discharging Ejector

Discharging Ejector is an electro-mechanical device which is used to expel the hot material from the re-heating furnace to the rolling mill. It has a mill housing type structure with a movable frame and can do both front and side travel for discharging of hot material (like ingots ,billets)from re-heating furnace .It comes complete with heavy stands, rollers, cooling system, wheels for cross travel, gear box, pushing arrangements etc.

Foundation Lines

Foundation Lines are used for the foundation of mill stand, gear boxes etc. They are made of cast Iron. Cast Iron is used because it can absorb the vibrations. It is fully machined and leveled in order to provide proper support and base to the machines standing on it. The basic reason for installing the foundation lines/base plates is to strengthen the bottom base of the machine and to distribute the load uniformly.

Fly Wheel

A flywheel is a heavy metal wheel attached to a drive shaft, having most of its weight concentrated at the circumference. The main function of a flywheel is to reduce speed fluctuation by storing extra energy during part load as kinetic energy and the same is released during overloading by slowly increasing the speed of a flywheel, a small motor can store up energy which enable the motor to perform a function for which it is ordinarily too small.

Gear Couplings

A Gear Coupling is used for transmitting torque and power between two shafts. It is normally used for the coupling of motor to fly-wheel, fly-wheel to gear box etc. It is individually designed and manufactured to specific requirements. It is a triple crowned double engagement type with Hexagonal and Allen Bolt, forced greased having reamed flange hole. We provide half and full gear couplings of 101 and above sized as per the customer's requirements.


A Pulley is a power transmission cum speed controller device which can be used at various places depending on the application and size. In Rolling Mills, it is used from motor to flywheel and flywheel to gear box so as to control speed, input speed as per the application. It is duly machined and balanced and comes in all groove sizes and bores. The material mostly used to manufacture the pulley is graded cast Iron

Rolls Mill Rolls And Rings

The Rolls for re-rolling mills are manufactured by forging and\ centrifugal spin casting process. The rolls are manufactured in alloy steel grades such as EN-9, EN-42,and unalloyed grades like spheroidal cast iron and chilled cast rolls.

Vertical Stands

Vertical Stands are also known as edger in Rolling Mills. They act a independent stands and are used to maintain the size of the material. They come with a complete independent set of rolls, reduction gear box and independent fly wheel.

Speed Increase Stand cum Pinion Stand

A Speed Increase stand is generally installed in a strip mill in between Intermediate Mill Stands to increase the output speed of the rolled product. We can manufacture and supply double and triple output shafts as required, technicalities of our Pinion Gear Boxes are: Casing/Housing/Structure Material Steel Fabricated.

Section Straightening Machine

The machine function is to straighten all the deformed products i.e. (angles, channels, flats, I-beams, squares etc.) based on the well proven rotary straightening process. The roller of the machine is designed in such a way that it will remain in contact of the product,(width and thickness),during the straightening process.

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The team at Bains Engineering is very professional. We ordered Floor Type Coil Car and we were happy with the quality and timely delivery.
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It was a pleasant experience working with the team. They were happy to accommodate our tight deadline for the delivery of Foundation Bolts .
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